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Senator allays fears of utility companies on ‘three gives’ proposal


ADMINISTRATION Senator Francis “Tol” Tolentino allayed the fear of utility companies that his so-called “three gives” proposal would lead to loss of income.


Tolentino clarified during the hearing of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship on his Senate Bill No. 1473 that he is not pushing for non-payment of bills, not waiver, not default, nor the abandonment of bills.


He pointed out that the bill only wants a slight delay in payment of consumers and small industries on their utility bills, electric, water, or even telephone bills.


Tolentino’s measure seeks to allow a scheme of three installment payments for electric, water and telephone bills during a state of calamity.



He insisted that utility companies would only have to wait before getting hold of the payments while consumers affected by calamities recover from its effects on their finances.


Tolentino made the pronouncement after various utility firms expressed worry that the passage of the measure would lead to loss of income.




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