SAP cash aid

SAP cash aid distribution in Quezon City, continues


AT least 2990 individuals who are recipients of regular and unclaimed cash aid are currently receiving assistance from the government’s Social Amelioration Program (SAP).


According to the Social Services Development Department of Quezon City, at least 999 residents will receive 8, 000 pesos cash aid while 1991 residents will also receive the same amount from unclaimed cash aid.


Most of the residents who are waiting for the said aid are now thinking about how to budget the amount.


According to some individuals interviewed by the SMNI team, the COVID-19 crisis will possibly last a little longer and they are thankful that their names are still listed as beneficiaries on the said cash aid program.


Meantime, there are individuals who are still waiting for financial assistance until now.


Examples are residents from Quezon City where they posted complaints regarding the matter.





SAP cash aid


SAP cash aid


The cash aid that is currently being distributed in Quezon City is still part of the first wave of assistance under the Social Amelioration Program.


The second tranche of cash assistance meanwhile according to the city government can be expected in the coming days.




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