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San Jose Del Monte plans to implement mandatory bringing of health certificates to constituents

BUSINESSES and establishments such as manufacturing, business process outsourcing, banking, and finance including restaurants and malls slowly opened as Metro Manila is under the modified enhanced community quarantine.


But along with the re-opening is the influx of individuals going to supermarkets and primary establishments that the local government units predicted may cause the second wave of COVID-19.


With this, the city government of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan is now studying the possibility to implement a mandatory bringing of health certificate to every individual outside their residences.


This is aside from the mandatory bringing of quarantine pass, ID, and scheduling of going to supermarkets.


According to lone district Congresswoman Rida Robes, the possibility of implementing the mandatory bringing of health certificate could help mitigate the virus as it will confirm if an individual is COVID-free.


The city admitted that although they only have a limited capacity for facilities, they will ensure that their constituents will be safe from the virus.


Meantime, although residents shared different opinions regarding the possible implementation of mandatory health certificates, they still agreed to the said program.


San Jose del Monte has a total of 600, 000 overall population where at least 90% still have not undergone swab testing although the city continued to conduct mass testing.


Currently, the LGU already recorded 28 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 16 probable individuals, 197 suspects, and 6 deaths. It also recorded 11 active COVID cases and 11 recoveries.



On the other hand, the Department of Interior and Local Government ordered the Philippine National Police and the local government of San Jose to monitor malls if the management implements proper protocols under the MECQ guidelines and possible closure of establishment can be implemented if found violating.


Employees are also ordered to undergo the COVID-19 test before resuming their jobs.




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