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Environmental group calls to stop coal-fired powerplant operations in Phl

Environmental group, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice or PMCJ calls for the closure of coal and fossil-based power plants in the country.

Ian Rivera, the PMCJ’S National Coordinator, said coals and fossil fuels immensely contribute to the effects of climate change both locally and globally because of radical emissions in both air and water.

Rivera said that coal is a ‘dirty energy source’ that harms the environment and human health.

The environmental group marched in front of the Asia Development Bank (ADB) in Ortigas to insist their call to stop the operations of coal and fossil fuel power plants. PMCJ calls for ADB to cut their fundings supporting the coal plantations in the country.

PMCJ is hopeful that the Duterte Administration will consider renewable energy such as wind, solar, and hydrothermal in exchange of coal and fossil fuels.

According to British media the Guardian, 60 percent of greenhouse emissions’ in the world is caused by coal, oil and gas power plants.

SMNI news is open to hear the ADB and Department of Energy’s (DOE) comments on the matter.

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