North Korea

Construction of missile manufacturing site in North Korea, still continues

Despite of the previous agreement between North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump regarding North Korea’s denuclearization, NoKor’s (North Korea) establishment of nuclear research facilities goes on.

Based on the satellite image captured by San Francisco-Based Planet Labs Inc., it can be seen that North Korea is finalizing their missile manufacturing site located in 38 North O Yongbyon Nuclear Research Facility.

According to David Schemler, research associate of Middlebury Institute for International Studies or MIIS, the said nuclear research facility is one of the chemical material institute that manufactures solid-fuel for their own missiles.

“The chemical materials institute seems like they have one function, and that’s pumping out parts for their missile program,” David Schemler said.

The image that surfaced came from leaked reports of US Intelligence officials because they are concerned if NoKor is really abandoning their nuclear programs in line with the agreement signed by both Trump and Kim.


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