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Caloocan, San Juan gets cleared from obstructions

MORE local government units are joining forces with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to follow President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive in clearing all road networks from obstructions as the 60-day timeframe of the Department of Interior and Local Government passes by.

 Early this morning, MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim, MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia, Caloocan City Mayor Oscar “Oca” Malapitan and Vice Mayor Macario “Maca” Asistio checked Bagong Barrio and personally supervised the removal of obstructions on the sidewalks.

Lim also acknowledged that longer-term solution to the traffic problem are the infrastructure projects under the “Build, Build, Build” program of the administration but “clearing roads off obstructions is one way to solve the traffic while waiting for these permanent solutions.”

Malapitan stressed the importance of the barangays taking their part into the clearing drive and expressed the need to act collectively.

During the operations, two barangay halls encroaching the sidewalks were dismantled and demolished while some owners of private establishments were given warning to remove fixtures which are already on the streets.

Garcia also talked to a vendors group and discussed to them the cities plan to eliminate all road obstructions and proposal to give them a permanent place where they will be allowed to sell.

In the afternoon, Lim, together with San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora walked at the sidewalks of Annapolis in Greenhills to post ‘No Parking’ signages and to inform car owners of the sidewalk parking prohibition.

Zamora has suspended all roadside pay parkings and one side parkings of the city and barangays including those in Mabuhay Lanes in accordance to the President’s order.

He also assured motorists and car owners that there are enough parking space at the Greenhills Shopping Center and there are 24-hour parking buildings within the city. He is also mulling to give incentives to private land owners who will volunteer to make use of their land as parking spaces.

Lim is definite that all roads will be cleared within the 60-days order of the DILG.

“We’ve seen all Metro mayors cooperating and working together. I believe that in two month’s time, we will see the outcome of all these clearing operations and make all roads obstruction-free,” he said.

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