PNP to enforce strict curfew hours, won’t allow bystanders to prevent crimes

The Philippine National Police (PNP) began to caution bystanders in all villages in the country, after President Duterte ordered to strictly enforce its campaign against street loiterers to prevent crime and illegal drugs.

Up to 73 individuals were arrested by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Kamuning Station 10 in different barangays within Quezon City a week after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered to arrest bystanders who are loitering in the streets particularly during night time.

Loiterers who are publicly smoking, drinking, and are half-naked in the streets will also be apprehended by the police authorities under Duterte’s new directive.

According to Supt.  Ariel Aliangan Capocao, the Kamuning police force have been checking all villages under their jurisdiction for offenders and admitted that there are still stubborn residents who repeatedly violate the ordinance.

Capocao added that the police force is currently working with village officials through a ‘focal person’ who focuses on apprehending street loiterers.

As of now, authorities are expecting that the number of street offenders and loiterers in the villages under them will lessen.

To recall, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered authorities to strictly enforce their campaign against street loiterers.

Under the president’s directive, police personnel should convince bystanders to go back to their homes to avoid conflicts and crimes in public.

Despite some critics, the PNP stressed that no human rights will be violated in the conduct of the new directive.

Pol Montibon

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